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Welcome to your wake-up call

Cancer saved my life in more ways than one. Perhaps it can save yours, too.

First of all, in the course of the diagnostic tests required for my radiation and surgeries, my doctors discovered a life-threatening tumor on my adrenal gland. It was removed, and I am here to write these words for you. Secondly, having cancer spurred me to make my routines and lifestyle less hectic and more comfortable. I now experience a better overall quality of life.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to learn more about healing, positive energy, energy medicine and energy psychology, the power of hope, and yourself. Remember, treating or removing a tumor doesn't necessarily remove everything that is standing in between you and a healthy, fulfilling life. And whether your body ultimately deteriorates or heals, you are fully capable of spiritual and psychological healing.


  • Remember who you are. Each day, look into a mirror and remind yourself that Divine energy is a part of every cell of your being. In other words, you--your body, your heart, your spirit, and your soul--are all part of the highest energy in the universe, and you are never, ever alone.

  • Tune into your inner guidance system. This may be the first time you've ever realized you have one. You do, and you can learn to hear it. It is through your intuition that you receive guidance from your own Higher Wisdom, as well as from the people who are working to assist you in your healing endeavors. Here's how to tune in:

    First, set the mental intention, such as "I wish to receive guidance from my Higher Power and those who work with me, regarding my concern." Then state your concern, such as "What are the best treatments or doctors to consider, meet with, or engage in?"

    Use meditative breath to intend to shift your energy to a higher, more receptive energetic vibration. Focus on your inhalation breath entering your nostrils, traveling to your heart, lungs, and belly, and then focus on your exhalation breath traveling up from these organs and out through your throat and mouth, carrying away negative energy, such as thoughts of stress and discomfort. Notice how your body increasingly relaxes with each breath.

    And once again, ask to receive, and then observe what pictures, images, and videos come pouring in. Note them as you continue breathing in and out in a relaxed fashion. Record your observations when finished.

  • Fiercely guard your spirit. Be mindful of your attitudes, outlooks, and beliefs. When you catch yourself dwelling on or worrying about something that doesn't feel good, acknowledge it. Then breathe it out and replace it with a high-energy thought or image that does make you feel good.

  • Know your power! You are a powerful energetic being who vibrates at different levels. When you choose to focus on thoughts, images, and feelings like joy, appreciation, and love, you vibrate at high levels, which, in turn, enables your immune system to produce the chemicals needed to eliminate your cancer and heal your body.

  • Don't try to be strong and go it alone. Find someone (or several someones!) to support you, to be a listening ear, to accompany you to appointments, to have your back, and to make you laugh when you need a lift.

  • Feed your body consciously and well. Too often we eat and drink without paying attention. We accept what's before us on the grocery store shelves without asking ourselves, Will this be good for my body and my health?

    Choose organic when you can. Read labels before purchasing. If there are too many words that you don't understand, leave it alone.

    Eat plenty of fruits and veggies and drink lots of pure water and nourishing teas and juices. Exercise daily. Get plenty of sleep. Now is the time to honor your body by treating it like the temple it is.

  • Set aside daily quiet time. You will expedite your healing by spending some time each day, even if it's only 15 minutes, on quieting your own mind and body. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, and various forms of energy movement and energy medicine will do this--and they'll boost your immune system.

  • Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Life is about the healing and restoration of balance of the energy of the body, mind, and soul. Your words, thoughts, and deeds are all expressions of your own personal energy--and that energy will eventually be returned to you. That's why it's very important to choose to love yourself enough to first forgive yourself, and then others.

Of course, forgiveness can be easier said than done! It is possible, though. Here is an exercise that I've found helpful.

First, have the clear intention of choosing forgiveness--initially for yourself and then for others. Next, quiet yourself and become conscious of how you are feeling (how awful you feel about whatever you feel responsible for). Then, feel the feeling and give yourself permission to stay with it. (This process can include crying or shouting, so it's preferable to find a place where you can have some privacy, such as your car or the shower.)

When you are ready, take several deep breaths, and with each, intentionally release--or, if you prefer, let go of or detach from--the energy associated with your terrible feelings. Then, affirm to yourself: I affirm that I am a normal being who has come to learn lessons--lessons of love and forgiveness. I choose to love myself enough to affirm that I did my best. (Even the masters and the saints erred as they were trying to do their best.) By choosing to love and forgive myself--first, before others, and then others--I will no longer carry this unhealthy burden around with me.

Continue with, I choose to surrender all of this to my Higher Power. (For those of you who believe in a forgiving Source and Universe, you can add, If my Higher Power--God or Jesus or Buddha or Allah--accepts and unconditionally loves and forgives me, then I must be able to do this for myself.) I choose to see and feel myself releasing these feelings, surrendering them to God, and then feeling myself to be so much lighter.

It is necessary to forgive yourself before you can forgive others--including God! Once you've done the first part, you can move on to the second.

When intending to forgive another, and finding it difficult to do so, intentionally focus on positive qualities this person displays--qualities that have touched you and/or for which you feel grateful. Let's say that someone you love or care about has said mean, harsh words to you. You'll need to go within, and while intending to release your need to be angry with this person, recall times when he or she was especially kind, thoughtful, loving, and caring. By focusing on these feel-good moments and memories, you will vibrate at a higher level and experience greater compassion--which may make it easier to forgive him or her.

If you love someone who is struggling with cancer, click here



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