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Energy Healing

We are extremely fortunate to live in a time in which technology and science have merged, providing great advances in medicine. However, even these wonderful advances are not always able to bring about complete healing. That’s where energy healing comes in: Integrating these strategies can complement the traditional treatment a patient is receiving.

Long before we developed sophisticated technologies to diagnose and/or treat illnesses, Eastern cultures were healing people using strategies based on a profound understanding of the human body, as well as a thorough knowledge of how energy flows through everything and everyone.

Here’s the most interesting part: The most advanced practices in current Western medicine have their roots in this ancient wisdom of the East. Comprehensive healing is slowly finding its way back to where it began.

What is energy healing?

Before continuing, I’d like to offer some information about the kind of healing that I use in my work and that I’ll be talking about in my writing.

  • Everything in our universe--humans included--is composed of energy. When our energy is balanced, we are healthy and well. Illness develops when we experience some kind of imbalance in the flow of our energy. Healing, therefore, is the process by which any imbalance of energy is corrected and the correct balance of energy is restored to the body.

  • We heal on many levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually), but not necessarily on all levels. Yes, healing is sometimes an all-or-nothing experience. In other instances, though, the body may not be able to completely heal, for example, while the heart and mind can come to experience a sense of peace and well-being (something needed by all of us before we die).

  • We all heal at different rates because each of us is an energetically unique being. Unconditional love is the key to health and healing. When you love yourself unconditionally, you do not beat yourself up, hold onto destructive guilt, or ruminate on what you have done wrong. Instead, you lovingly forgive others and yourself. You release what is past and work to stay in the moment, filled with loving intentions. For several decades, physicians including Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, and David Hawkins have drawn attention to the importance of recognizing the healing power of loving, energetic intentions.

Energy Healing and the Three Eras of Medicine

In Reinventing Medicine and several of his previous books, Larry Dossey, MD, has explained his belief that there are three Eras of Medicine:

  • Era One: Mechanical Medicine emphasizes the physicality of all healing, including using medications and surgeries.

  • Era Two: Mind-Body Medicine incorporates the impact that the mind, emotions, and feelings can have on the body.

  • Era Three: Eternity Medicine (which is validated by quantum physics) recognizes that we are part of a greater Consciousness. Eternity Medicine considers the mind to be “nonlocal”; in other words, it is not simply localized in one body. Rather, the mind is trans-personal, trans-spatial, and trans-temporal. One’s mind can connect with others’ minds across space and time.

Energy healing is Era Three Medicine, although it encompasses Era Two and Era One as well.

My Journey as an Energy Healer

As the daughter, niece, mother, sister, and wife of individuals who practice medicine in some form, I grew up in a home in which medical issues were discussed on a daily basis. The world of medicine is my heritage. However, I’ve deviated somewhat from my family’s “beaten path,” because the medicine I bring to my patients is centered on healing the mind, body, and soul via an understanding of how to balance one’s energy.

My own Higher Guidance and Intuition directed me to the world of energy via the study of Mind, Consciousness, and quantum physics. Specifically, my studies of prayer, healing intentions, and remote viewing revealed the importance of working with energy that vibrates at a higher level.

As time went on, I also studied Intuitive Development, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, The Reconnection, and Integrated Energy Therapy. The more I learned the more sensitive I became to energy. I realized that my thoughts, intentions, and imagination were powerful enough to help shift energy.

My Approach to Healing

In the past, I studied healing from a scientific perspective and in a research-oriented manner (The Consciousness Research Training Project--CRTP). Now, I study and practice energy medicine based on the Eastern perspective of healing: Each of us is composed of subtle energy patterns, and any imbalance in one system results in imbalances in the others!

As a psychologist and healer whose work is based on research, I use a variety of therapeutic tools, strategies, and techniques. I have created some of them, and others I have learned, studied, and borrowed from other masters of healing. All involve energy of some sort and all are used to foster the restoration of balance and harmony (or healing).

My approach to healing is to empower my patients by giving them the tools they need to restore balance within themselves. I explain that there is, without question, an imbalance among the nine energy systems that are responsible for our psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. To better explain and support the principles of energy healing that I share with my patients, I recommend Energy Medicine by renowned healer, author, and teacher Donna Eden and equally renowned psychologist David Feinstein.

To help my patients better manage their emotions--including anxiety, fear, depression, rage, heartbreak, and grief--I also teach the principles of energy psychology described by David Feinstein, PhD, in The Promise of Energy Psychology. This approach has been referred to as “acupuncture for emotions.” It involves tapping on specific meridian points, similar to the points in which an acupuncturist places needles to expedite the release of blockages and balance the flow of energy. In conjunction with energy medicine, energy psychology enables healing to occur emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically over time.

What I love about healing with energy medicine is that, as a psychologist, I can teach my patients specific ways to help themselves restore balance and harmony to their own beings. This is empowerment--for them! Additionally, the tools of energy medicine allow me to restore a sense of harmony and peace--and even improved well-being--to those whose illnesses have depleted their energy.

Here’s the bottom line that informs my work: I believe that you and I are a part of a universal consciousness that provides us with what we need for restoring balance, harmony, and healing. When we recognize and harness our ability to connect with this Higher Power, we can create healing for one another and for our planet. 


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