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The Mind-Body Connection

Sometimes a diagnosis of cancer inspires us to understand who and what we are in a much deeper, richer way. This is one of the many ways that cancer might be considered a gift. Personally, it is my wish that every cancer patient and caregiver would come to understand that everything--including your thoughts--is energy…and that you have the power to shift that positive energy in your favor.

Without a doubt, this knowledge is the most powerful tool I have in helping my patients.

Quantum physics, a field that has been explored by many prominent scientists including Albert Einstein, has demonstrated in a laboratory setting that everything in the universe can be broken down to particles and waves of light. Furthermore, each of those particles and waves vibrates--but at different levels and speeds. And that's where the mind-body connection comes in.

What we focus on causes us to "vibrate" at a particular level. Thus, focusing on thoughts or images that make us feel good or better will enable us to be at a higher level energetically and, consequently, will draw to us a higher level of vibrational experience.

Not surprisingly, a cancer diagnosis can cause you to vibrate at a very low level. You're filled with pain, grief, despair, and/or anger. But when you consciously choose to focus on a thought or belief that is positive, comforting, or hopeful, you're clearing out that emotional clutter that's weighing you down. You're energetically shifting yourself to a better place.

In the scientific community, the study of this mind-body connection is called Psychoneuroimmunology. Many scientists and medical professionals believe (as I do) that what you think and feel has the ability to impact how your immune system functions, whether that happens in a healthy or unhealthy way. When you shift the energy of your thoughts up, you can literally fight your cancer by prompting your immune system to produce those cells needed for healing cancer, such as T-cells, natural killer cells, and macrophage cells.

If you would like to tap into the power of the mind-body connection, I advise you to find something, whether it's a story, a thought, a memory, or a hope, that fills you with joy, excitement, and passion--all of which are high vibratory experiences. This will unlock your brain's production of healing chemicals, including feel-good endorphins and immune system-boosting hormones like DHEA.

Try to be conscious of what you are feeling and thinking at all times. Notice negative and low-vibratory emotions and thoughts, release them, and replace them with the positive high-vibratory experience you have chosen.


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