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Wednesday, 12:00 pm

Greetings All,

Have you noticed that as you mature, the holidays become so much more meaningful - both positively and negatively?

Do you have - or are you the caretaker of a loved one dealing with cancer, any other life-challenging illness or Alzheimers?

Have you lost or are anticipating losing your job, home, pet, dream, passion or anything or anyone else that represents life or joy for you? 

Have you also observed the following?

  • When entering a mall filled with the sounds of holiday music, as well as colorful and festive decorations, you experience sadness, anger, tearfulness and/or the feeling you simply can’t be there even one more minute.
  • When you turn on the radio, television, VCR, or your computer, you feel a deep sadness, knowing this holiday will be different because someone or something who has long been a part of your life and your holidays is missing.
  • When you pass a car carrying a holiday tree tied to its roof, or catch glimpses of holiday decorations, you immediately well-up with tears.
  • When you receive holiday cards and invitations wishing you a joy-filled holiday, you feel your heart breaking - and the “Ba Humbug” feeling permeating your whole being?
  • How hard it is to get out yourself out of bed, let alone get through the day or participate in anything during the holidays which holds memories of times, people and places no longer a part of your life? · Having lost loved ones during the holiday period, the holidays no longer have the same magic?

If these have been your experiences, my heart is with you.

They have been mine, as well. Life holds for us moments that are both joyful and painful. The holidays hold both because we bring to them who we are. That is, we are energetic, vibratory beings of light who hold the vibrations deep within our cells of all that we have loved and lost - and so many of our experiences with those we love have centered around the holidays. Thus, the holidays become reminders of our past and our present.

As an author, researcher and psychologist who specializes in the healing of life-challenging illnesses, grief and trauma, I know how challenging holidays are for all of us. I also know it is possible to find ways to navigate your way through the times when you feel the world is celebrating while your heart is breaking. I have learned that you can honor your feelings of grief during the holidays and even find moments of joy and peace.

If loss is a part of your holiday experience, I hope you will accept a gift I have created for you. It is a free TeleClass, filled with important information about the energy of grief and a bag of psychological, behavioral and spiritual tools to carry with you. My intent is to provide you with the essentials so that you can energetically shift your perspective just a bit in order to experience healing and, perhaps, even find the ability to laugh, as well as cry.

The TeleClass I am creating for you will enable you to better understand what is happening to you as you experience any of the circumstances mentioned in the introduction of this letter , and, hopefully, will also enable you to gracefully make it through to whatever represents for you the official end of the holidays.

Please join us for an hour of what I intend will be worthwhile guidance, information, recommendations and discussions to help you heal your mind, body and spirit. I look forward to sharing this time with you.

With Blessings From My Heart For You,


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