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What is positive energy, and how
can it transform my life?

To put it simply, you--as well as everything you see, touch, or feel--are energy. Yes, you are energy, and you vibrate at many different levels. You live in a universe that is part of other universes, and everything in these universes is energy.

Energy: A Wonderful Science Lesson

Describing living beings and inanimate objects as “energy” might sound strange to you. Most of us are not accustomed to thinking in these terms. However, it is absolutely accurate and backed by respected scientific thinkers. This is amazingly good news. When you understand that all is energy, you can easily understand why it is possible to reshape the world we live in.

Here’s a brief overview of what science has helped us to understand about energy:

  • Albert Einstein and his colleagues, all quantum physicists, demonstrated in the laboratory that everything can be broken down into particles and waves of light energy. Their work also revealed that this energy vibrates at many levels.

  • Thanks to another scientist, David Hawkins, we know that the highest levels of this energy are those of Love and Enlightenment--or Divine Energy. (After tracing the history of energy as it relates to science, I’ll explain how you have a say in the kind of energy you experience and how it can influence the quality of your life.)

  • Since the mid-to-late twentieth century, scientists and physicians, including Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin, Larry Dossey, Bruce Lipton, Russell Targ, Candace Pert, Joyce Hawkes, and many others, have shared their research, theories, and awareness regarding energy. They agree that your beliefs are energy, and that when you’re aware of this fact, you can harness the thoughts you create and direct them to vibrate at a higher level. In this way, you can control how good you feel, and you can also experience an improved sense of being. These scientists’ work validates the mind, body, and spirit connection!

  • Research on consciousness conducted by eminent scientists such as Lawrence LeShan, Bernie Grad, and others has validated and supported the theories put forth by quantum physics. These theories explain what yogis have known for thousands of years: We have the power to use the energy of our thoughts to create a reality that connects us with everyone and everything.

Specifically, this energy allows us to know what we could not have otherwise known. It has also been demonstrated to have the ability, when focused as intentions of healing and mixed with the energy of love, to contribute to an improvement in--or even heal--plants, animals, and people. Some might say that this energy, combined with that of Love, has the power to create miracles.

  • Einstein, Schrodinger, and, more recently, Rupert Sheldrake all recognized that the Mind is actually part of a larger field of energy that can be called many things, including God or the Universe. Because we are part of a larger Mind, we have the ability to tap into, receive, and give back information that can aid our growth or improve our situation. (In this way we are much like radio transmitters.)

    The more you “practice” energetically tapping into this extraordinary universal field of knowing, the more your awareness will expand. Furthermore, our connection to a larger energy field means that we are a part of Divine Energy and that it is within us. And because we can tap into Divine Energy to know and experience Love, Love and Wisdom become who and what we are.

Using Energy in Your Life

You can tap into the wisdom of the universe--so what does that mean regarding who you are and what you can do with your life while you’re on Earth?

The most important thing you must remember about the journey of your soul is this: The quality of your life totally depends on the choices you make about what you are going to focus on. That is, you get to choose whether or not you will spend time contemplating, ruminating on, or just plain thinking about things that feel good--or not.

Feel-good thoughts cause you to vibrate at a high level, one that allows you to manifest your hopes and dreams. Non-feel-good thoughts, the kind that cause you to experience suffering and pain, attract similar vibrational experiences. Your life is shaped by which type of thoughts you choose--and make no mistake, the decision is always yours. Choose wisely.

I promise, when you learn to be conscious and in control of what you are focusing on, you can begin to create high vibrational experiences, which will transform and heal your life.


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