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Who Can Benefit

Who can benefit from this website?

If you are reading these words, you can. It is my belief that nothing happens by accident. Everything is "on purpose." And it is my hope and prayer that something you read will help you start living the life you were born to live.

I have been blessed to live enough years to learn many lessons. I know that most of us journey through life completely unaware that we have the power to create the reality that we long for, dream for, and hope for every day. And yet, this reality is ours—if we choose to let it unfold.

You can become aware of the gifts with which you were born. You can achieve the ability to see everything that happens to you as an experience that enables you to grow, to be more aware of your strengths, to know who you truly are and why you are here.

I invite you to explore if one or more of the following resonates with you.

You have had an extraordinary experience. Perhaps it was a communication or visit with an angel, a lost loved one, or your Source (God, Buddha, Mary, Moses). Perhaps it was a near-death experience. Perhaps it was a subtle "sign" that gave you goose bumps and seemed to suggest there is more to the Universe than what meets the eye. Here, here, and elsewhere on this site you’ll find information to validate your experience.

You’re a synchronicity seeker. You feel you have experienced or are currently experiencing miracles and synchronicities. You feel the need to understand them, make sense of them, and explore how to continue creating such wondrous events. You can learn more about miracles and synchronicities here and elsewhere on this site.

You are struggling with grief. Any kind of loss--the death of a loved one, a pet, a dream, a job--can be devastating. You may feel that you are all alone in a dark, smothering tunnel with no way out. You desperately need to know that you do have what you need to survive and that you will emerge, stronger than ever, into a place of light and awareness. You may find guidance and reassurance here.

You are a caregiver for someone else who is experiencing illness or overwhelming loss. Both of you are running on empty. Both of you need information and inspiring stories in order to get through your challenging circumstances. These resources may be found in abundance on this site.

You are dealing with cancer (or you love someone who is). You feel utterly lost, frightened, angry, and confused. This is normal. What you need is a different perspective on cancer--one that may enable you to realize you are so much more powerful than you had imagined, one that enlightens you on the nature of healing, that diminishes your sense of isolation and that enables you to take away a sense of hope. It is my fervent hope and prayer that you will find this here.

You are receiving Hospice or Palliative Care. This is an intense and difficult time for you, yet it can also be one of the richest and most meaningful phases of life. As you prepare for your transition into the realm of Spirit, you may experience brilliant insights, deeper connections with family members and friends, and even moments of pure joy. It is my hope that information on this site can help you come to terms with dying, say goodbye to loved ones, and find peace.

You are interested in knowing more about energy. The knowledge you’re seeking encompasses "good energy" (the kind that contributes to being happy and at peace) and "not-so-good" energy (the kind that can attract more suffering and pain). You need to understand what role energy plays in your life: how it can impact your quality of life as well as your ability to heal. Here, you will receive a simple introduction from my own perspective as a psychologist who studies energy, teaches it, and uses it to help heal my patients and those who attend my workshops, seminars, and retreats.

You want to learn more about intuition and how you can develop it. We are all born with a gift of intuitive knowing. If you feel the need to learn more about how to develop yours, you will find it here, at, and at You will find anecdotes and stories of those whose lives have been saved or improved because they chose to listen to their intuition. Additionally, you will find suggestions to help you learn to hear and amplify that "still, small voice within."

You simply want to grow spiritually. Life can be unbelievably challenging, and we need all the inner strength we can get! Perhaps you are seeking to grow your spirit, heal your soul, and gain clarity regarding your life’s purpose and what it is you wish to make happen before the journey of this lifetime ends. If so, you may find yourself experiencing a comfortable sense of being "home" as you navigate your way through the sections and pages of both and

I promise, there is much you can take away that can help you validate your experiences, expand your view of your life, and transform the quality of your journey. My hope and my intention are that this website will provide you with the ability to expand your perspective about you, who you are, what your inherent powers are, and how you can consider putting them to the best possible use.

May the benefits of your visit here lead you to experience a greater sense of peace and joy.




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